How does Accelerate+ (Rx Anti-Aging Cream) work?

Accelerate+ provides the same remarkable cellular renewal benefits as our cosmetic products, but with added anti-aging power! This prescription is designed to break down the bonds between old, dead skin cells, promote cell shedding, and reveal fresh, vibrant skin. Moreover, it contains nourishing extracts and potent prescription ingredients that work together to support and heal your skin, thereby reducing the appearance of dryness, uneven pigmentation, and premature aging signs. 

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Anti-Aging (Accelerate+)

What ingredients are used in Accelerate+ (Rx Anti-Aging Cream)?

How does Accelerate+ (Rx Anti-Aging Cream) work?

How do I use Accelerate+ (Rx Anti-Aging Cream)?

When can I expect to see results from Accelerate+ (Rx Anti-Aging Cream)?